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Bespoke selections

If you need a helping hand choosing the right books, our team of qualified children's librarians with years of experience and book knowledge are able to do the hard work for you.

Need some help?

Perhaps you want to buy a selection of Manga for your library, but don't have time to read up on the subject. Or, maybe you need some help selecting dystopian fiction titles. This is where our bespoke selection service can come to the rescue. Just give us an idea of your shopping list, and we'll do the legwork for you.

Expert librarians

Our expert children's librarians make it their business to know all there is to know about children's books - and they are here to help you.

Stock up with ease

Use our bespoke selections service for both one-off selections or for regular stock purchases, with everything tailored completely for you. Whatever your budget, we can select books to suit your requirements. Call 0121 666 6646 and ask for bespoke selections, or click on the link below.

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