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Ownership labels and RFIDs

Un-programmed RFIDs

A blank, un-programmed RFID can be fitted on the inside back cover of your books. It is placed 1cm in from the spine and in a variable position depending on text layout.

RFID labels supplied are compliant with ISO 18000-3 and ISO 15693 air interface protocols and the SLi-X chips are capable of storing data in the industry standard ISO 28560 format, so will therefore be compatible with all modern, standards-compliant RFID systems.

Please contact us for a free sample of an RFID tag before ordering, as we are unable to accept returns for books that have been tagged if they are not compatible with your system.

Ownership labels

A large sticker with your establishment details can be provided. This will be placed on the inside front cover, centrally.

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