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Eliza Rose
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Eliza Rose

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781408898031

Publication Date: 8 Feb 2018

Subject: Older teen novels

Suitable for: Secondary (Year 10, Year 11)

AR: 6.6 MY+

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A young girl arrives at the court of Henry VIII with her cousin Katherine Howard, and they both have the goal of securing a wealthy husband


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A young girl arrives at the court of Henry VIII with her cousin Katherine Howard, and they both have the goal of securing a wealthy husband

Eliza Camperdowne has always known that her fate is to marry a rich man. As the single heiress to her old but impoverished family, this is the only way she can save their beautiful, crumbling castle of Stoneton.

With her quick wit and dazzling green eyes, Eliza thinks that she has everything under control. But when she becomes a Maid of Honour at the Tudor court of Henry VIII, she finds herself disastrously underprepared for the treachery and whispers.

Eliza doesn't know how to play the games that her glamorous cousin, and rival, Katherine Howard does. And when Katherine wins the heart of the king and becomes the new queen, Eliza must sacrifice any chance of real happiness in order to keep a grave secret. One that could put both her and Katherine's lives in jeopardy.

The debut novel from popular television historian Lucy Worsley.

NOTE : Doesn't contain any sexually explicit references as such but there is lots of discussion of what a husband may expect from his wife, detail of extramarital affairs etc.


p3 'Today you must become a woman'
p15 'Dignified, Elizabeth!'
p21 The Westmorland Blackbird
p27 'You'll meet your husband!'
p34 Westmorland House
p48 Disgrace
p58 Headstrong ways
p69 'Welcome to Trumpton Hall'
p74 Cousins
p87 In the maidens' chamber
p91 The music lesson
p99 'The closet, midnight'
p110 'Would you not like to be a maid of honour?'
p119 A cold welcome
p129 Trickery and flirtation
p136 A bold ginger kitten
p141 'You can never escape'
p149 A monkey and a masque
p166 The new queen
p174 No blood
p178 Caught
p184 'It's a secret we have to keep'
p195 The king's mistress
p200 'I cannot tell you what to do'
p208 Choice
p214 Queen no more
p222 How to have fun
p232 To marry again
p236 Made to look a fool
p247 Jaded
p253 An enemy in real life
p263 A baby in her belly
p270 'The good life I lead with my wife'
p275 'Just the queen's cousin'
p282 'Of course there'll be a trial'
p287 'I will do my duty'
p292 At the Abbey
p301 'Don't worry, all will be well!'
p305 'Why would you run the risk?'
p314 'Courage!'
p317 The block
p322 The new mistress
p337 'Why does everyone think I am in love?'
p349 Epilogue: Why I wrote this book
p355 Acknowledgements

Older teen novels
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8 Feb 2018
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