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Phonics programmes 

The DfE are bringing in some changes that will impact the teaching of phonics in many schools, and the phonics books that may be required in 2021/22. Your school may be continuing with a successful approach to the Letters and Sounds framework, or looking to implement a new systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programme that works for your pupils. 

The DfE's validation process for SSP programmes is taking place between now and February 2022, and validation will indicate that an SSP programme meets the criteria for being an effective approach to phonics teaching. See current list of validated SSP programmes on the DfE website.

Use the links below to find the phonics books available to best suit your school. We have included series linked to SSP programmes (validated and non-validated), those matched to the 2007 Letters and Sounds framework and those not matched to Letters and Sounds.

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